Daily Conveniences

Our bouquet of daily convenience services makes your life hassle free of regular errands. We will help you with your groceries, household repair, safe transport, liaising with government official or bill payment. We ensure that you enjoy the best in class services at your doorstep.



  • Daily Need Products- Be it your grocery or your other household items, get them delivered at your doorstep. Our members are eligible for extra discounts too.

  • Repair and Maintenance- We provide you home repair and maintenance services at no extra cost through our alliance partners. Be it a Plumber, an electrician or any other Service you need just give us a call.

  • Liaising- We know how inconvenient it can be for seniors to execute simple tasks like depositing Insurance Premium or visiting Pension Office. Our Liaising Service ensures they don’t need to worry about these now.

  • Bill Pay- We facilitate payment of all bills and thereby help remove one more hassle for the elderly.

  • Tech Assistance- We know technology may be a bit challenging for some of the seniors. We help assist them and ensure they may remain in contact with their children who are far away.

  • Cab Service- We help arrange reliable cabs for seniors with trained drivers.