Home Health Care

Helping Your Senior Family Member Bond With A Caregiver

Home Health Care of Elderly Family Members

Home Health Care is a supportive kind of care that is provided to the patient in his or her own home by insured and bonded health care professionals. It is a skilled care that can also be given by family members, friends, primary caregivers, or voluntary caregivers. The term Home Health Care refers to the care that is offered to the patient by licensed personnel. It is a skilled nursing care.

Role of Home Health Care

The primary aim of Home Health Care is to make it possible for the person to remain in his home, instead of using institutionally-based, long-term or residential nursing care. The health care professionals render the health services to the client in their own homes. These services are generally a combination of life assistance services and professional health care services.

Role of the life assistance services

  • The life assistance services incorporate help with regular tasks like laundry, meal preparation, light housekeeping, medication reminders, shopping, transportation, errands and activities of daily living (ADL). ADL refers to six basic activities of your regular routine that feature: bathing, dressing, eating, transferring, walking and using the toilet. It reflects the patient’s capacity for self-care.
  • The professional home health services contain a psychological or medical assessment, pain management, wound care, physical therapy, medication teaching, disease education as well as management, occupational and speech therapy.
  • They are aware that many times people like to receive care in a familiar atmosphere with the love, patience as well as an understanding of the friends along with the family that surround them. The elderly, caring professionals design services that specifically help the patients increase and strengthen their ability to care for themselves in their homes.
  • Good health as well as well-being, no doubt, begin at home with an understanding that illness can affect the loved ones as well as the patient’s hopes and aspirations.
  • Helping the patients to become independent is extremely important for us. A number of Home Senior Care services are offered for the patients who experience illness, surgery or hospitalisation or the ones who are facing a new health diagnosis that needs a consistent change in their daily lifestyle.
  • In the centres, they use unique care plans, medical treatments, comprehensive assessments, medication management and effective symptom control. The physical rehabilitation services help to restore the functions that are impaired because of surgery, illness or accident.

Elderly Health Care also caters to the newly diagnosed disease like heart failure, diabetes, or pulmonary disease. They guide the patients to combine the self-management skills in their daily lifestyle. Nowadays, the Senior Health Care services specialise in caring for the patients having a number of medical conditions that demands infusion therapy or IV. Through the advancements in the Home Health Care technology, the hospital stays of these patients are often reduced considerably, and the treatment is offered in the comfort and privacy of home. This enables the patient to live productive and rich life in a comfortable home setting.

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